Acknowledgements from Lynn Stephen

I want to acknowledge the important roles that my students have played in the creation of this website.  Jesse Nichols worked tirelessly as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon for a year and a half with me to edit and subtitle video clips which that are available on this website. Jesse also accompanied me to Oaxaca to record additional interviews, return transcripts, and discuss the website design and content with the people who participated through their testimonials. Mauricio Magaña began his own research in Oaxaca in 2007 and provided important help transcribing interviews and also sharing ideas and analysis about the movement. He has since received his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Oregon. Ivan Sandoval Cervantes, a doctoral student in cultural anthropology at the University of Oregon, has provided important help transcribing interviews and also translating things I have written into Spanish, which allowed me to share my writing with many in Mexico and elsewhere. Anna Cruz and Suzy Chavez also provided important assistance in transcribing interviews. Michelle Goris provided additional editing and subtitling of video interviews done with members of ASARO and I thank her for that work. Karen Estlund, Head of the Digital Scholarship Center of the University of Oregon Libraries, and her team provided crucial help in setting up this website. I thank them for that.