We are the Face of Oaxaca

Duke University Press, 2013 – Click to Purchase

This website is designed to accompany We Are the Face of Oaxaca, a book designed with integral digital content.  This website features 26 video testimonies of people who are interviewed for the book, hundreds of photographs, maps, and documents. Section 1 of the website, “Rights Histories in Oaxaca,” contains videos of Oaxacan intellectuals and movement leaders describing rights histories in the state. Section 2, “Timeline of 2006 social movement” features short videos of key events to help readers better visualize and feel the experiences of those who were caught up in the movement. Sections 3 – 7  — 3. Human Rights Violations in Oaxaca, 4. Media, Gender and Indigenous Radio, 5. Economics and Politics of Conflict, 6. Indigenous Activism in Mexico and Transnationally, and 7. Youth Organizing and Art—contain digital content which is linked to specific parts of the text in the book.

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Rights Histories in Oaxaca thumbnail Rights Histories in Oaxaca timelineof2006socialmovementthumbnai Timeline of the 2006 Social Movement
humanrightsviolationsthumbnail Human Rights Violations in Oaxaca mediagenderindigenousradiothumbnai Media, Gender, and Indigenous Radio
economics-and-politics-thumbnail Economics and Politics of Conflict    indigenousactivisimthumbnai Indigenous Activism in Mexico and Transnationally
youthorganizing3thumbnai Youth Organizing and Art